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History At A Glance

MUNI was founded in 1983 by Mr. Mukhuthar Hassan and Mr. Nizar Hassan as a small local retailer with a capital of MRF 40,000.
In 1987, after four years in the retail business; MUNI step their foot into the tourism industry by investing into a Diving Dhoni under the name of “MUNI Express”.
Having achieved a successful 10 years simultaneously in the trading and tourism sector,MUNI further expanded its business in the tourism sector by investing US$ 0.4 million for an ordinary Safari Yacht – “Moonima” along with a Diving Dhoni – “Iruvai”which was launched in the year 1990. Within another 7 years from then, MUNI launched their second Safari Vessel - “Moodhumaa” and Diving Dhoni “MUNI Impress” in 1997 with an investment of US$ 1.2 million.
On the 14th of September 1997; the partnership was registered as a limited liability company under the name of MUNI Travels and Trade Private Limited.
A second company under the umbrella of The MUNI Group came into existence in the year 2000; under the name of MUNI Enterprises Private Limited along with Mr. Ahmed Shiyam as an additional share holder of the company. MUNI Enterprises was formed to provide quality home improvement products throughout the nation.
A third company under the umbrella of The MUNI Group came into existence in the year 2007; under the name of Princess Holidays Private Limited along with Mr. Ahmed Adil as an additional share holder of the company. Princess Holidays was formed to provide bespoke luxury experiences in some of the world’s most exquisite resorts, spas and cruises.
As a result of a sustainable growing business and continuous innovation, MUNI launched the first ever Spa included live aboard in the Maldives – “Moonima 2” in the year 2003.
MUNI Enterprisesdiversified its business in 2003 by entering into a partnership with Isle Investments Private Limited as the exclusive distributer of “Lifan” brand of Motor Cycles in the Maldives with an after sales service center in the capital.
“Princess Haleema” , a luxury safari yacht designed to cater for the needs of the luxury traveler is the latest investment of the MUNI Group with the most modern amenities, designed by professionals in the field and provides a unique and exceptional experience for the traveler who decides to cruise in her.

Corporate Vision And Slogans

Marketing slogan

  • Enhance your life

Vision Statement

To be the best household name in the field of home improvement throughout the Maldives.

Mission Statement

The Mission of MUNI is:

  • To sense, serve and sustain the needs and aspirations of our valued customers by providing original, exclusive andreliable products and services at a better value.
  • To preserve and enhance leadership and teamwork of our valued employees in a conducive work environment.
  • To establish reliable business relationships with our business associates for mutual interests and benefits.
  • To contribute for the betterment of our society through the commitment and competency of our leadership andmanagement.

Shared Principles

  • Maturity
  • Unity
  • Naturalness
  • Innovation

Employee Slogan

“Let’s make every moment more happier.”

Performance Yardsticks

  1. Attendance
  2. Confidence
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Discipline
  5. Teamwork
  6. Work Effectiveness
  7. Advancement



Mukhuthar Hassan started his career in the tourism industry of Maldives in 1980 during the early years of the industry. After serving for 3 years in the tourism field, he decided to change his career as a seaman mainly in the intention of finding a way to acquire a capital to start a business of his own.
Mukhuthar returned to Maldives in 1983 after having completed 3 years as a seaman and started his business as a small localretailer by partnering with Mr. Nizar Hassan. During this time Mukhuthar acquired significant management knowledge byactively involving in the day to day operations of the outlet.
Mukhuthar’s work ethics portrays a background of “expansion through diversification” strategy. Mukhuthar had a vision ofdiversifying his business into the tourism sector of Maldives as he anticipated a huge potential in the industry. As a result, he entered the country’s fastest growing industry in 1987 as an operator of a Diving Dhoni. The company Muni Travels and Trading Private Limited where Mukhuthar is the Managing Director presently owns 2 Safari Yachts and 3 Diving Boats which includes some of the most modern and luxurious safari vessels in the country.
Having gained first-hand knowledge and experience in a service oriented industry as tourism, Mukhuthar decided to diversifyhis business into the product sector which resulted in the formation of Muni Enterprises Private Limited.Mukhuthar’s extensive wisdom and strong devotion to achieve his goals as a business entrepreneur lies in the sustainablegrowth and success of the Muni Group.


Nizar Hassan started his career during the 70’s when tourism was first introduced to Maldives. He worked in the industry formore than 4 years and later partnered with Mukhuthar Hassan in opening their first retail outlet.
Nizar has remained as the main driving force behind the travel component of Muni Travels and Trading Private Limited. Hehas an extensive knowledge and experience in the tourism andhospitality industry and it was under his craftsmanship Muni has built three safari vessels out of which one boasts to be the finest in the industry.
In addition to his knowledge and experience in building safari vessels, Nizar is a leader in planning, coordinating and supervising projects from beginning to execution. At Muni Enterprises, his primary involvement is in the areas of logistics, operational planning and management.


Ahmed Shiham, began his career at Air Maldives – the national air carrier of Maldives at that time. Ahmed has a financial background and holds a Diploma in Accounting and has obtained vast knowledge and experience in the financial sector during his service at Air Maldives.
Ahmed joined Muni Travels and Trading Private Limited as a Director of the company and has actively involved in representing Muni in international travel and trade fairs, which led him to gain intense knowledge in International Trade.
Later Ahmed joined Mukhuthar and Nizar as a shareholder during the formation of Muni Enterprises Private Limited. Ahmed’s involvement in Muni Enterprises is primarily in the areas of Strategic Development and Marketing. He has developed a largenetwork of international contacts in trading and travel markets of various parts of the world which helped to grow the business of Muni in the international market.


With the success of MUNI Group of Companies through the hard work, unity and commitments of its founders in today’scompetitive business arena and to challengingly take MUNI Group of Companies to newer horizons, the three shareholdersamicably agreed with sincerity to lay down their cliché of success – “Principle-Centeredness” throughout the Board, CorporateStructure and its subsidiaries.


Although Maldives has a steady economic growth, the market is quite limited due to the size of the population. With the aim of sustaining and growing in a limited market environment, our Managing Director realizes the importance of maintaining a holistic approach in all its diversified business units. As a result, the companies of Muni are now merged as a Group – Muni Group of Companies.
Each company is directed with clear and concise goals and objectives in order to sustain and prosper in their respective areas of business.


MUNI Travels and Trading Private Limited involves in general trading and safari operations where safari operations arefurther categorized into:
  • Safari and Diving Operations
  • Travel and Tours

MUNI Enterprises Private Limited engages in providing a better living environment for both residential and commercial sectors of the Maldives.
The environment we live is a vital part of our life, be it for the home or working environment. Muni understands the importance of this vital component of our life and thereby strive to provide our customers with a modern, comprehensive and affordable range of products to let them achieve their dream living environment. Our product range along with service expertise practically completes every imaginable room scenario and style for both interior and exterior of residential and commercial living environments.
At present, MUNI Enterprises Private Limited operates three outlets in the capital city – Male’ under the name of MUNI Home Care, MUNI Traders and Furniture Center that provides authentic, exclusive and reliable home improvement products


We strive to achieve our unwavering and challenging mission within the following values we share, which further combines into our corporate identity – M U N I
Maturity: Our maturity has taught us to be a more matured learner to do better and better.
Unity: Continued challenge of asserting oneness to the major pillars (customers, employees, business associates and society) of our company.
Naturalness: Alignment of our leadership and management to Governing Principles of Equality.
Innovation: Continuous striving to renew systems, procedures and communications to sustain our leadership through creativity and improvement.